Performed Oct 11 to Nov 28, 2015
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Local Film Screening of Ecstatic Theatrics’
Ecstatic Theatrics presents their new movie “Pinocchio”, with local actors performing the comic adventures of a naive puppet who is tricked, trapped, turned into a donkey and swallowed by a Sea Monster, in spite of the wise advice of his father, Blue Fairies and his Cricket Conscience.

Sun. Oct. 11, 2-4:30 pm, at the Main Library, downtown - meet the actors.
Wed. Oct 14, 6-8:30 pm, at Little Turtle Library, 2201 Sherman
Thurs. Oct. 22, 6-8:30 pm at Tecumseh Library, 1411 E. State
Wed. Oct. 28, 6-8:30 pm at New Haven Library, 648 Green St.
Wed. Nov. 11, 6-8:30 pm at Aboite Library, 5630 Coventry
Sat. Nov. 14, 1-3:30 pm at Georgetown Library, 6600 E. State
Sat. Nov. 28, 1-3:30 pm at Dupont Library, 536 E. Dupont

Shows and refreshments are free.
Large groups, please reserve seats at (260) 750-9013 - Jeannette or email .
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CAST of Pinocchio
Pinocchio, Policeman - Evin Butler
Jiminy Cricket, Donkey - Riley Berry
Geppetto - Tom Jaquish
Narrator (Grown Up Jiminy Cricket) - Isaac Lengerecher
Blue Fairies & Blind Mice:
- Gazzy Milkford
- Miley Wareing
- Rachel Ward
- Destinee Smith
Dancing Puppets:
- Gazzy Milkford
- Rachel Ward
Fox, Police Chief, Farmer- Anthony Parks
Cat & Prof. Mayonnaise - Jeannette Jaquish
Tromboni & Mayor - Brian Stoner
Capt. Bombastic & Junk Dealer- Zephyr Jaquish
Bratty Child - Joseph Kissinger
Kind Child - Johnathan Kissinger
Mother - Karen Butler
Beggar Child - Jacob Zook
Market Lady, Schoolgirl - Flora Carother
Farmgirl, Schoolgirl - Destinee Smith
Woodcutter, Fisherman, Donkey, Bad Kid - Owen McCarty
Lampwick, Donkey - Emily Dini

Geppetto and Wander go to sleep. Blue Fairies bring Pinocchio to life and Jiminy Cricket volunteers to be his conscience. Pinocchio tries walking and makes so much noise that Geppetto wakes up thinking there is a burglar.

Jiminy has his hands full stopping Pinocchio from climbing and eating everything while Geppetto is away.

Playwright - Jeannette Jaquish, with contributions by Brian Stoner
Directors & Videotaping - Jeannette Jaquish, Brian Stoner
Camera Operators - Rigel Jaquish, Zephyr Jaquish, Isaac Lengerecher
Video Editor - Jeannette Jaquish

Additional Information
Writer-directors Jeannette Jaquish and Brian Stoner used locations around town including Franke Park and Access Fort Wayne to videotape the 16 scenes in this new adaptation. Like Walt Disney, they made Pinocchio curious, happy and naive, not selfish, whiny and lazy as in Carlo Collodi’s original. The story includes the Fox and Cat who trick Pinocchio out of his coins, jacket and books, and then sell him to Tromboni the Puppet Master, and when he escapes they deliver him to Captain Bombastic who is gathering children for Mischief Island. Three Blue Fairies bring Pinocchio to life in Geppetto’s workshop and waylay Tromboni so Jiminy Cricket can snag the padlock key and set Pinocchio free. The exotic backdrops of Mischief Island, a singing sea monster on the ocean, and inside the monster’s belly are created separately and edited into the rear layer of footage of actors recorded with a chroma key background at Access Fort Wayne’s studio. Jaquish created a telescopic nose that grows when Pinocchio tells lies. This movie is non-stop action, humor, danger and suspense.

Most of the actors are children who have never acted before, but were discovered play-acting adventures in their front yards. The production rehearsed at Anchor Church on 3rd St., and New Beginnings Church on Trick St., and then spent about 2 months shooting.

Ecstatic Theatrics plans to continue working in video production with children and adults, enjoying film-making’s flexibility of locations and scheduling and shooting one piece at a time, and the increasing affordability of video equipment, compared to the difficulty in finding affordable performance stages for live theater and difficulty for actors to memorize an entire show.

Jeannette Jaquish has written over 40 scripts that she licenses through her website She ran the Firehouse Theater for 3.5 years ending in Feb. 2010. Her productions since are described at She is offering all her scripts for free for anyone in Allen County to perform.

Co-director and writing contributor Brian Stoner began working with Jaquish at the Firehouse Theater on such productions as “A Christmas Carol”, “Dr. Frankenstreudel’s Lemon Fresh Laboratory of Horrors”, and Ruth Baker’s “Al Capone and Me”, and is now retired from a career in video production.

Left Photo: Jiminy wakes up late and runs to stop Pinocchio from a dangerous friendship with the Fox as Gazzy and Molly Milkmaid scold.
Right Photo: Jiminy Cricket finds his job as Pinocchio's Conscience is a full time job.
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