AUDITIONS for Halloweirdity & Little Orphant Annie

First time actors welcome!

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AUDITIONS - Sat. & Sun. Oct. 2 & 3, and 9 & 10, 2021
4 to 5:30pm
TekVenture, 1550 Griffin St., Fort Wayne, IN 46803 -- Enter from the north and drive past the barriers; the south way is blocked by construction. for actors, age 5 thru adult,

to perform 6 minute interactive skits as Meadow Characters in spooky adventure scenarios
and also roles in the 6 minute play, “Little Orphant Annie” by James Whitcomb Riley,
both performing at “Halloweirdity at the Twistful Meadow” Oct. 29 & 30, 2021, evenings.

AUDITIONS are in the Zone of TekVenture, 1550 Griffin St., Fort Wayne, IN 46803.
Look for the door in the purple wall of the building.

You can get a look at the outdoor fantasy nature park, The Twistful Meadow, in the meadow across from the building.

Contact Jeannette Jaquish at 260 750-9013 or for a different audition time or to be a regular volunteer.

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This is not a gory haunted house thing; this is a tour of creative, spooky, quirky predicaments and mystery situations that visitors engage in with the Meadow Characters in the 2 acre outdoor meadow and strip of forest at the Twistful Meadow outside TekVenture.

CHARACTERS to AUDITION for. Actors can be in both. :
In “Little Orphant Annie”. See script.
4 to 8 Spoiled Children, age 5 to 10, a few easy rhyming line.
Bad Boy & Bad Girl, no lines just misbehaving actions.
Annie who is older and does the chores, recites rhyming stories
4 to 6 Adults who are in the story, with no lines
Strong Adult: The Monster who snatches up The Bad Girl and carries her offstage.

In “Halloweirdity”
Tour Desk Clerk – A Craggy character dealing with a mutinous collection of Meadow Inhabitants and accidental tourist Fictional Characters
6 Tour Guides - Adults who start the tours but are really protectors of their assigned Dorothy actress who actually drives the action. If possible, the tour guide should be an adult relative of the girl playing Dorothy.
6 Dorothies ( from the Wizard of Oz) who each join a tour or two looking for Toto, about 20 minutes of actual lines and acting.
Wicked Witch who plays and cheats at a ball game
Flying Monkeys & Munchkins who play a funny ball game with the visitors, a few lines, with ad lib options
Herman/Harriet the Hermit Kite maker, an Olde World character, who questions the visitors and if they prove true of heart, gives them good advice, 6 minute scene.
Hogwarts Characters who are lost and trying to find their way and keep getting in predicaments
Two full grown, strong, Operators of Large Parade Puppets
5 or more Creepy things in the Forest, who also play Old World Meadow inhabitants, like Leprechauns or Pookas or Witches.
3 or more Sandmen who play a chase game with visitors, similar to Freeze Tag.
3 Gate Guards who have various personalities and control who gets through and give instructions.
1 or 2 Forest Spiders Operators
VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED – To make things, help with meadow mowing, thistle killing, wildflower seed collection, watering, tree trimming and branch dragging, path making, gate/fence/arch/scarecrow making from branches, playground building, parade puppet making, sewing, costume organization, clean up, publicity spreading, assistant director and helping at rehearsals, volunteer scheduling, and event positions in costume.

Jeannette Jaquish
260 484-5946 home
260 750-9013 cell (for visitor/customers) (for volunteers)