Recycle Projects for the Twistful Meadow

Make leprechaun and fairy homes and birdhouses from recycled junk.

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Meadow Events will have side activities such as:

Bird house built with scrap lumber using an empty knothole for a birdy doorway.

More complex fairy house made of cut tree branches.

Kids of all ages can make these useful Milk Jug Bird Feeders and take them home or hang them in the Twistful Meadow trees.

These Milk Jug Masks can be the top of a costumed character that visitors meet in the Twistful Meadow.

Milk Jug Monsters are great for Halloween trick-or-treats or displaying little items for sale.

Using thin branches or lumber or pvc pipe we will make climbing Vine Teepees. Imagine sitting inside surrounded by fluttering leaves.