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Dorothy's Song
"Oh, Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bakery"

“Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bakery” to the tune of “Oh Danny Boy”, Irish Folksong

Oh Somewhere O-
-ver the Rainbow Bakery,
Past Moe’s Garage, and Billy’s Bait and Fly,
Past City Hall’s Statue of Liberty;
Its ear of corn, held proudly to the sky.

Past the County’s Office of Probation,
The vacant lot and Myrtle’s Modern Bride,
Behind the dump there is a Greyhound station,
and leaving town a bus that someday I will ride.

I’m leaving dust and chores and every stupid rule,
And getting blamed and staying after school
I’ll go where city people look at me and smile,
And say, “There’s that girl, she sure has smarts and style.”

Oh big wide world, my dreams my dreams are calling,
Though I’m afraid, I know that I must go,
And Auntie Em and Uncle Hank will understand,
Because they know, I hope they know, I love them so.

I’ve never told them, Do they know I love them so?