MUSIC to the NEW Wizard of Oz

adapted by Jeannette Jaquish

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TRA-LA! The Witch is Dead! To the tune of “Ta ra ra boom de ay”, by Henry J. Sayers, 1891

Tra-la! The Witch is dead!
A house fell on her head!
She did not see it fall,
Because her hat was tall;

Tra-la! The Witch is flat,
You should have heard the SPLAT!
It really shook the town,
When that house hit the ground;

CHORUS The Wicked Witch has bit the dust,
No regret and no disgust,
We will ride on top the hearse,
‘Cause now her breath can get no worse!

Hur-rah! We’ll tell the world,
This magic Dog and Girl,
Came down from outer space,
To save the Munchkin race!

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